Smell Well - Anti-Odour and Deodorant Pockets

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The SmellWell are green pockets, which allow to absorb moisture and odor smells in all types of shoes as well as in your sports equipment.

They are practical, respectful of the environment and easy to use: simply place them in your shoes or in your business and let them act.

  • Effective odor removal: this natural footwear deodorant eliminates odours while leaving a fresh scent and acts as a moisture absorber in one.
  • Humidity Absorbeur: our Swedish mix of activated carbon and minerals, developed by chemists, absorbs moisture that eliminates the environment in which malodorous bacteria develop.
  • Convivial: place the SmellWell active charcoal scent absorber in shoes, sports equipment, lockers and cupboards during the night and enjoy a pleasant refreshing fragrance.
  • 100 % natural: SmellWell is made from charcoal wood of bamboo miso. Respectful of the environment and your shoes. Place the air purification bags where the air can circulate to keep them fresh. Dure up to 6 months
  • Packaging of two pockets.

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