Friction Gloves - Player's glove - Discgolf - Right Hand
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Hive Disc Golf - FireFly Glow Vinyl
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Friction Gloves - Player's glove - Discgolf - Left Hand
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Innova - Beverage Insulation (Can)
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Accessories for disc golf

We have several disc golf accessories at your disposal to improve your playing experience according to different situations on disc golf courses. All our products come from the major disc golf brands such as Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Innova Discs and Kastaplast.

Do you ever throw your disc into a water obstacle or into a tree? With our recovery rod and our disk tap, you will be able to recover your disks without difficulty and thus avoid having to buy a new disk to replace the one you would have lost.

For those days when the disc golf courses are soggy, get one of our towels to wipe your discs or our rock dust bag to absorb water. And to increase the grip of your hand on your discs, opt for a frisbee golf glove whose palm and fingers are covered with rubber.

If you like to play discgolf in the evening, you should definitely buy one of our LED disc lights to easily spot where your frisbee has landed.

For players practicing this sport in the winter season, keep warm with our toques and our hand warmer.

Shop our accessories to make the most of your disc golf games!