I should expect to receive my order within what period?

Orders are processed daily. Depending on the destination, a delay between 3 and 7 days is predictable, but the deadline may be extended for off-America orders.

To accelerate, can I go to your distribution center to recover my order?

Our distribution center is not open to the public. However, your order can be recovered within 2 days at our Boucherville store, QC. To benefit from this offer, you must select the concordant delivery option .

How to calculate delivery costs?

For any order greater than $ 65, transport costs are included for any delivery to Canada (with the exception of certain oversized products, these items are clearly identified). If the total front tax is less than $ 65, $ 9 delivery costs apply. Orders will be shipped by Canada Post or Purolator. For orders outside Canada, delivery costs are free for any order greater than $ 125, and are $ 20 for any order of less than $ 125 .

I have to receive my order quickly. What to do ?

Take advantage of an accelerated delivery for a fixed fee of $ 7 ($ 13 if the total order is less than $ 65). Your order will be prioritized and an accelerated delivery option will be selected with the sender. The same offer is valid for orders outside North America ($ 18 for orders of more than $ 125, $ 30 for orders under $ 125).

The product does not suit me. What to do ?

The items must be returned new, not worn and unused, with the return label provided, the original packaging and the transaction number. To get the return label, please write to us to info@sportsnation.shop. Any return or exchange must be made within 30 days after receipt of your order. Any derogation from these instructions could prevent a full refund from your order.

The following items are neither exchangeable nor refundable: gift cards, electronic devices, liquid products, food or supplement, underwear, swimwear, bath helmets, socks and compression clothes.

The items purchased for final sale are neither exchangeable nor repayable.

The delivery costs and the supplement paid for oversized items are not refundable.

A delivery label will be sent to you after a request to info@sportsnation.shop. An amount of $ 12 will be retained on your refund to cover the return costs.

No other fees will be applied insofar as the article is able to be put back on the market.

To avoid return transport costs, the return can be made at our Boucherville store, QC.

I forgot my password !

On the connection page, click on "Forgotten password?" ». You can then enter your email and you will receive a link to reset your password .

How can I pay my order?

Orders can be paid by credit card only. The payment platform used is that of Shopify Pay, which holds the highest certification available in terms of the protection of credit card information. This information is not accessible to us, which limits the risk of fraud.

Do I have to create an account to make a transaction?

There is no need to create an account to be able to make a transaction. You can actually make a transaction by being invited, but you will have to register the following information:

  • Email (to receive confirmation of the order)
  • Delivery address
  • Billing address

However, we encourage you to create an account, which will help you in particular by monitoring your orders placed and which will allow you to find items more quickly already ordered.

I am a customer at the physical store, or I already placed an online order, but I have no account on your website yet. How can I have access to my reward points?

If you are already a customer in store at the physical store, or even a customer of the online store, even if you do not have an account yet, your points accumulate for the email address provided. To have access to your points, and use them, you just have to create an account using the same email address as that provided for purchase. It is important to use the same email address, so that you have access to your previously accumulated points. Once the account is created, you will have access to all your points and can use them, or continue to accumulate them.

How can I join the award program?

  1. To create an account, simply follow the following link:https://sportsnation.shop/account/register
  2. Fill the information
  3. Click on the rectangle '' Create ''

I want to use my reward points, how to do it?

When you want to use your reward points, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the website and connect to your account. To do this, click on the tab" Account »At the top right of the screen and connect.
  2. Go to the following link:https://sportsnation.shop/pages/reward.
  3. Go to the '' awards '' tab, then choose the desired reward by clicking on '' claim ''.
  4. When you have claimed the discount, a promotional code will appear.
  5. When you want to use the discount, you just have to add the desired products to your basket, then click on your basket and on « Proceed to payment».
  6. Then, to the right of the screen, under the list of products in your basket, you will find a rectangle « Gift card or promo code». In this rectangle, enter the promotional code.Note: it is not possible to combinethecodedwith another promotional code. You can only use one code by purchase.
  7. LOrsque the discount is applied, you can purchase.

What are the ways to accumulate reward points?

  1. To find out the different ways of obtaining reward points, you must follow the following link : https://sportsnation.shop/pages/reward
  2. Then go to the tab"Gain points »
  3. You will then see all ways to accumulate reward points, and you can click on "Learn more" for more information on some of the methods
  4. Otherwise, here are the ways to accumulate reward points:
  • Create an account +30 points
  • Make a purchase +1 point by $ 1.00
  • At your birthday +100 points
  • Share on Facebook +40 points
  • Love us on facebook +20 points
  • Follow us on Instagram+20 points
  • Refer a friend +100 points
  • Make the review of a product +20 points - 1 minimum character - maximum 10 per day

* It is important to note that the reward points expire after 2 years of inactivity on your account. That is to say, if you have not accumulated or spent points for 2 years, your quantity of points will be reset to zero.

*For product journals, they only accumulate points if they are left on products that you have indeed bought by being connected to your account.

How can I get a reward points?

  1. To obtain the reward points, click on account and connect
  2. Follow the following link: https://sportsnation.shop/pages/reward
  3. Click on "win points".
  4. In order to carry out the requested actions and obtain the points, it is simply necessary to click on it and complete the action, for certain methods. For other methods, the accumulation of points is done automatically, as long as you are well connected to your account when you perform the actions.

After the conclusion of the transaction, I would like to change the delivery address, what to do?

It is not possible to change the delivery address in the system after the conclusion of the transaction. If you ever want to change this address, please write us as quickly as possible to info@sportsnation.shop. If the package has ever been shipped to the old address, it is your responsibility to collect it at this address.

Does the gift card purchased online at an expiration date?

No, and the law prohibits it. A gift card cannot be reimbursed.

When the selected items are in my basket, how to conclude the transaction?

After adding an item to your basket, you can directly click on "Go to payment" and follow the steps to complete the transaction. If you ever want to continue shopping, you can always find your basket at the upper right corner of the site to make your basket reappear on the right. On the basket page, you can leave a note (if necessary) and click on "go to payment" to conclude the transaction.

I thought I had an account, but the website tells me that there is no account associated with my email 

Usually, the explanation for this is that the account was created, but it was not activated. Indeed, when you create an account, an email is sent to you to activate the account. If the account is not activated, the system considers that it does not exist, and will therefore not be able to find it. To solve this problem, if you can no longer find the account activation email, simply contact us by e-mail or chat, and we will send it back to you.