Selkirk AMPED Invikta Midweight - Pickleball Paddle
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Do you like paddle sports but you hesitate between tennis, badminton or ping pong? Look no further, pickleball brings together different aspects of these three popular sports. The field has the same dimensions as badminton, is similar to table tennis because of the rigidity of the racket, and to tennis when it comes to the paddle movements. Pickleball has the advantage of being easier to play than other racket sports.

At, you will find everything you need to practice pickleball. We offer a wide variety of rackets (or paddles), balls, protective glasses and bags to carry all your pickleball equipment.

Here are the big pickleball brands:

  • Apex
  • Head
  • Onix
  • Paddleteck
  • Selkirk
  • and more

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