FINIS - Long floating palms
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JR 6-8 (blue / purple)Jr 8-11 (blue / green)Jr 11-1 (blue / orange)1-3 (blue / yellow)3-5 (red / black)5-7 (red / blue)7-9 (red / gray)9-11 (black / red)11-13 (black / navy)13-14 (black / green)
Arena Powerfin Pro - Training Fins
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Funky - STILL - Pull buoy (training buoy)
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Get equipped for swimming training

Would you like to get swimming training equipment to increase your performance at the pool? You have come to the right place at SPORTSNATION.SHOP! We offer fins, paddles and training boards, swimming parachutes, training belts, stationary swimming belts and belts, training buoys and much more.

Before you equip yourself for swimming training, first of all, you need to get a training swimsuit. We have a wide collection of very comfortable swimsuits for every taste, size and style. For women, we have one-piece swimsuits and for men, Speedo-type swim suits (briefs) and jammer swimsuits (shorts).

Here are the different brands of our training equipment :

  • Speedo
  • Arena
  • TYRE
  • Phelps
  • and more.

Take advantage of our wide selection of training equipment to improve your performance in the pool.