About Sport Nation

At Nation Sport, we want equipment to be a constraint for the practice of sport, whether you are players, guards or referees, whether your passion is soccer, swimming or even pickleball, and that you live in Montreal , Quebec or Gaspé.

This is why Nation Sport's mission is to make the best accessories and clothing for athletes adapted to all levels, both in men, women, and children.

We cover a wide range of sports, whether for supporters or amateur or professional athletes:

  • Water sports
  • Golf disc
  • Soccer
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • And more ...

If you have special needs for sports that do not appear in this list, do not hesitate to write to us at web@nationsport.ca. We constantly update our product catalog to meet the needs of different athletes.

Our brands

We are proud to work with renowned partners to offer you high quality products to ensure you optimal practice of your favorite sport. Here are some of the brands you can find on the site:

Our policies

Do you want more information on our different policies? Here are the links to consult them:



Our impact on the environment

At Nation Sport, the environment is close to our hearts.

This is why we recently joined the "Planet" program of Shopify, which consists in reducing the impact of climate companies.

From now on, all deliveries for purchases made on our website are neutral carbon.

What does neutral carbon mean? Carbon neutrality means balanced carbon emission and carbon absorption in the atmosphere.

Indeed, for each delivery, we finance the elimination of carbon, which makes it possible to neutralize the carbon issue produced.


The amount that we finance is used to:

-Exempt neutral in carbon

-Leliminate atmospheric carbon

-Stock carbon for more than 10 years

-And other solutions such as reforestation and carbon storage in the soil