A partner of choice

Over time, we have focused our offer to meet the specific needs of sports associations and clubs. More often than not managed by volunteers, these clubs take advantage of our expertise in the field of equipment.

Work together

We invite you to get in touch with us by email (web@nationsport.ca) to look at the possibility of establishing a partnership. Take care to include all the information you deem relevant in your email.

Our working methodology is very simple. After a discussion to determine the specific needs of your club, we present a catalog of products that would meet your expectations. Following this selection meeting, we take between 2 and 4 weeks* to configure the personalized online store for your club. After your final approval, the store will be accessible directly in the menu of https://nationsport.ca and a personalized link will be given to you so that you can share the store to your members.

Obviously, you will have the leisure to modify the store content at any time (add, modify, remove products). On our side, we ensure technical monitoring to ensure that everything is optimal for your members.

Some examples

Several options are available for your personalized shop:

  • Personalization of the equipment with the name (or initials) of the athlete
  • Creation of fully personalized equipment for the club (for example, bath helmet with the image of a swimming club)
  • Possibility of managing numbers for a team (for example, in soccer, to avoid a duplicate number in the same team)
  • Possibility of creating accessory combos for different groups within the same club

To allow you a better visualization of our personalized shops, we have prepared an example entitled "Monclub" for the following types:

* Additional deadlines may be added for various reasons (need to work the logo to improve the quality of printing, need to include a product that is not yet in our catalog, etc.)