Disc golf is an exciting sport that combines the precision of golf with the dynamics of frisbee. To maximize your performance on the course, it's crucial to choose the right disc based on the distance you need to cover to the basket. In this article, we'll explore the different types of discs available and how to use them to improve your game. Follow these recommendations for each type of disc based on the distance to the basket.

1. Putter: For Short Distances

Recommended Distance: 0 to 30 meters (0 to 100 feet)

Putters are designed for short distances and are primarily used for finishing shots near the basket. They offer great precision and increased stability, making them ideal for putts and short approaches. Their design is generally more rounded and less aerodynamic than other types of discs, allowing for better control at low speeds.

Tips for Using Putters:

  • Throwing Techniques: Use a firm grip and a controlled wrist movement.
  • Types of Putters: Try different models to find the one that best suits your playing style.

2. Midrange: For Moderate Distances

Recommended Distance: 30 to 90 meters (100 to 300 feet)

Midrange discs are versatile and can be used for a variety of distances. They are often chosen for approach shots where precision is essential. Their design combines good stability with respectable distance, making them an ideal choice for intermediate shots.

Tips for Using Midranges:

  • Throwing Techniques: Adopt a moderate grip with a smooth throw to maximize precision.
  • Types of Midranges: Test different weights and profiles to see what works best in your game.

3. Fairway Driver: For Longer Distances

Recommended Distance: 60 to 120 meters (200 to 400 feet)

Fairway drivers are designed to reach greater distances than midranges while maintaining good accuracy. They are perfect for players looking to cover more ground without sacrificing control. Their aerodynamic design allows for longer throws with a stable trajectory.

Tips for Using Fairway Drivers:

  • Throwing Techniques: Use a firmer grip and a full arm motion to maximize distance.
  • Types of Fairway Drivers: Vary the discs based on their stability to adapt your game to different course situations.

4. Distance Driver: For Maximum Distances

Recommended Distance: Beyond 90 meters (300 feet)

Distance drivers are designed for long-distance throws. They have a thinner and more aerodynamic profile, allowing players to cover maximum distances. However, they require advanced throwing techniques and significant power to be used effectively.

Tips for Using Distance Drivers:

  • Throwing Techniques: Practice a powerful throwing motion and quick release to maximize distance.
  • Types of Distance Drivers: Choose discs with different stability levels to suit your distance and control needs.


Choosing the right disc golf disc based on distance can significantly improve your performance on the course. Here's a quick summary to help you choose the right disc:

  • Putter: 0 to 30 meters – Precision and control for finishing shots.
  • Midrange: 30 to 90 meters – Versatility for intermediate shots.
  • Fairway Driver: 60 to 120 meters – Distance and precision for longer fairways.
  • Distance Driver: Beyond 90 meters – Maximum distance for long throws.

Remember, these distances are approximate and can vary based on your throwing power, technique, and individual abilities. Try different types of discs and find the ones that best suit your playing style.

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