Disc golf enthusiasts, hello! Today, we are delighted to present you with a comprehensive review of the Innova Safari Bag, in partnership with Patrick Braze. In this captivating video, Patrick guides you through the features and advantages of this practical backpack.

The Innova Safari Bag is a backpack designed to carry approximately 20 to 25 discs. At first glance of the main pocket, you'll notice a unique feature: unlike many other bags, there is no Velcro strip at the top. However, thanks to its clever design, everything stays securely in place without being cumbersome. The bag has three dividers to organize drivers, fairways, as well as midranges and putters. The discs slide in and out easily, and there's even more storage space than needed.

To keep your putter within easy reach, it is recommended to use the zipper located on the top of the bag. Inside, you'll find a convenient compartment that can be used as a putter pouch. This facilitates access to the putter throughout the course, and it can be kept open permanently, allowing for quick repositioning after each throw.

The Safari bag also offers side pockets for carrying water bottles. You can fit a large bottle on each side, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the round. Additionally, the bag has two large pockets to accommodate accessories, personal belongings, or even extra discs if you need additional space. They are wide enough to hold multiple discs.

Upon inspecting the bag's interior, you'll notice a small mesh pocket with an elastic band, ideal for storing personal belongings and keeping them secure. There's also a small hook for hanging a towel or any other accessory you want to keep within reach. At the bottom of the bag, on the side, there's another tiny compartment where you can store your personal items to keep them safe throughout your game.

Comfort is key, and the Innova Safari Bag does not disappoint. It features wide padded straps to evenly distribute the weight. On each side, you'll find breathable and padded areas, offering additional comfort. A zipper located on the top contains a rain cover, perfect for protecting your discs from the rain. When not needed, it conveniently folds back behind the bag, without cluttering or encroaching on storage space.

Finally, the bottom of the bag is made of rubberized vinyl, providing water protection. Unlike many other backpacks that have feet to prevent the bag from touching the ground, the Safari Bag has a waterproof area, thus protecting the bottom of the bag from rain. This avoids direct contact with the ground, unlike similar bags.

To get your hands on this bag, follow the link: https://nationsport.ca/innova-safari

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