Speedo - Advanced swimmer kit

This combo brings together all the Speedo accessories that a swimmer should have in his possession in order to be able to do complete workouts:

  • Speedo's Pull Buoy, made of durable foam, helps improve swimming technique and alignment while increasing upper limb muscle strength.
  • The Speedo Kickboard Team is ideal for strength and kicking exercises.
  • The Speedo Ventilator mesh bag allows you to efficiently carry, in a ventilated bag, your swimming essentials to make sure nothing is lost.
  • The Speedo Bullet Head snorkel is ideal for sprinters looking for added stability during their workouts.
  • Speedo Switchblades fins, with a unique 10 degree angle, allow you to dramatically increase your kicking rate without sacrificing technique, for maximum stability and engagement throughout the kicking cycle.
  • Speedo IM Tech paddles allow you to maximize your training needs by improving grip, traction and feel in all 4 swimming disciplines.