ACE LINE - Prodigy - TRIO - D BaseGrip S - S13 - Driver Discgolf - Yellow

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SPEED: 13 | GLIDE: 6 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 2

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ONLINE ONLY - Bundle of 3 identical discs for training.

Like a Swiss Army knife, the utility of the D Model S is endless, because of its stable flight characteristics.

Thrown with power, this disc will ride a slow turn before having a soft fade. Players with less power, or throwing it with more finesse, will get a straighter flight out of the disc before it softly fades out.

Whether it’s a long gliding hyzer, a powerful hyzer flip, or a beautifully shaped “S” line, the D Model S can do it all. D Model discs are built for maximum distance and have a sharp nose and slight dome for increased speed and glide. They also feature medium-depth rim to allow a comfortable grip across different hand sizes

SPEED: 13 | GLIDE: 6 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 2

Plastic: Base Grip

The first ACE discs had been in BaseGrip Plastic, a base level plastic similar to our 300 and 350G Plastics. BaseGrip offers a sure grip in all weather conditions and finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. It will be a highly cost-effective option that still offers incredible quality.

The Prodigy Disc ACE Line naming system is designed to keep things simple and easy to understand for the everyday disc golfer. The ACE Line range consists of one model for each type of disc that varies in stability. The system is similar to the Prodigy system, with an acronym for the type of disc, followed by another acronym defining the stability.

For example, the M Model OS is our Overstable (OS) Midrange Disc (M). The F Model S is our Stable (S) Fairway Driver (F).

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