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The alignment board uses a hydrodynamic design to improve the body position. The stabilizer strap allows complete control of the adhesion without adhesion, creating a perfect alignment of the fingertips to the toes.

When used properly, the alignment board is just below the flotation line so that swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking a slope.

Shorter design, the alignment board exerts less pressure on the shoulders than standard boards. An excellent workout tool, the board can be used to do kicking exercises and normal kicks. When associated with a tuba, the Kickboard alignment encourages a good alignment of the head and improves the global technique.


  • Hydrodynamic design: promotes a position of the body profiled in the water of the fingertips to the toes.
  • Immerse just below the water line: creates an ideal body position for the swimmer to be flat in the water.
  • Smaller and efficient shape: reduces the stress of the shoulder during training.
  • Multipurpose workouts: ideal for standard kicks, exercises with an arm and side kicks in the four competition strokes.
  • Stabilizing strap: controls the board without gripping hands and arms in an appropriate aerodynamic position.

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