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The Smart Goggle telescope, propelled by CIYE ™, is designed to help swimmers improve and achieve their fitness goals. The display in glasses and activity tracking give real-time information to help you track your distance and time, allowing you to make the most of your swimming.

Once you are out of the water, the application provides an in-depth analysis of your workouts, saves your history and allows you to connect with friends and fitness applications.

The Smart Goggle Finished Bezel, propelled by CIYE ™, follows and displays your lengths, intermediate times, adjustment time, rest time and more while you train.

Better yet, just check it when you want! The screen is in the corner of the lens and can be seen at a glance, allowing your mind to focus on what you want.

After your training, log in to the application for a complete analysis of your swimming and share your workout with your friends and teammates.


DIGITAL DISPLAY : The digital display allows swimmers to follow the towers, the intermediate times, the time and the rest of the corner of the eye. A customizable view allows swimmers to adjust the display according to optical needs.

Tracking the activity : No more Watches: Smart Coach automatically follows the towers, the distance, the number of shots, the type of blows, calories, etc.

Application CIYE ™ Swim : The CIYE ™ application allows you to examine in-depth analyzes, customize your Smart Coach digital screen and share your workouts with friends and fitness applications, such as Strava. Available via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Smart interchangeable coach : The Smart Coach module can be inserted and removed from the lens of glasses for easy and affordable glasses replacement.

This kit includes: glasses, a Smart Coach module, a magnetic USB charging cable and six interchangeable nose bridges.

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